We strive to provide the best value for money when it comes to getting you fit. Choose from our range of membership options:

REPS Membership
Features Included
Monthly Rate
REPS Classes:
·        Access to REPS club facilities during hours of operation
·        Unlimited access to classes at all REPS training locations:
·        CrossFit & High Intensity
·        Boot Camp, Circuit & BoxFit 
·        Olympic Weightlifting, Stretch & Mobility
·        $80.00/month + Direct Debit Fee 
Personal Training
in Pairs
·         All features included in REPS Classes membership package
·        One weekly two-on-one personal training session (60mins) to keep you focussed on your fitness goals
·        $110.00/month (per person) + Direct Debit Fee
Personal Training - One on One
·        All features included in REPS Classes membership package
·        An exclusive one-on-one session (60mins) with your REPS Personal Trainer each week to keep you focussed on your fitness goals
·        $195/month + Direct Debit Fee


REPS membership fees are paid via direct debit in monthly instalments. There are no joining fees or lock-in contracts that bound you to long-term debit agreements. If you wish to cancel your membership, please inform REPS Fitness & Performance in writing and we will stop your monthly payments for you.

REPS Roaming

We encourage you to roam between REPS training locations to take full advantage of the facilities and services we have to offer. Skip between our training centres at your leisure, and for no extra cost on your membership!

Membership Freeze

We provide you with the convenience of being able to put your membership on hold if you're unable to make it to the gym. If you fall ill or have holidays approaching, just contact the REPS team and we will happily put your monthly membership payments on hold until you're ready to get back to training.